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Our Rates & Policies for Landscaping, or Tree Trimming, are based as follows:

. We try and quote each job accurately and fairly. With landscaping it's difficult, because of many hidden variables
. Customer pays for all supplies, up front, in which are needed to complete job. Any additional supplies needed,               beyond quote, will be billed to the customer accordingly
. Additional charges apply to any extra work not specified in the contract
. Rates are structured at $35 per man-hour--to perform all landscaping jobs
. We also have high business expenses and taxes to pay
. Our company only employes legal, US citizens
. Gramma's Gardens does not trim trees near power lines
. We do not trim branches, or trees, over 14 ft high. Please consult with an arborist for bigger jobs.
. Additional charges may apply if your landscaping job is out of Troy city limits
. Customer is reponsible for having all utilities marked prior to having landscaping done.
. Gramma's Gardens is the expert when comes to landscaping and small tree trimming.
We do it right!!

  Call (248) 689-1655
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   Our prices and services cannot be beat by anyone!!
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